Episode 1: Tracy Otsuka Shares her ADHD Story and her ADHD Superpowers

EP. 1: Tracy Otsuka Shares her ADHD Story and her ADHD Superpowers

Listen to this episode from ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka on Spotify. This podcast is for smart, high-ability ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or suspecting) women who see their symptoms as more positive than negative.

In this episode Tracy shares her personal story as a mom, and a wife and her successful career in law, business, real-estate, and as a creator and entrepreneur.

Hear Tracy’s preferred definition of ADHD. It’s probably not what you’ve heard before, but you might just find yourself nodding your head in agreement.

Are you a hunter or a farmer? This concept will explain how and why your brain works the way it does. And why it was built to serve you. What if it’s just a difference in brain wiring, not a “problem”?

The ADHD success stories are incredible. Tracy shares a list of well-known names who’ve succeeded not despite of but because of their ADHD traits.

Tracy shares about her early life and what happened during a shift in her pre-teen years.

The college years lead to success at work and true to form, Tracy has excelled at a variety of professional endeavors. Much of it rather unpredictably.

Hear how becoming a mom changed Tracy’s life.

The most interesting job in her life was filled with excitement, stimulation and even some danger.

When Tracy’s son was diagnosed, she received advice from a doctor to discourage him from setting high-expectations. Find out what Tracy did instead.

When she was diagnosed a few months later, things started to make sense but what to do now?

ADHD traits and characteristics look different for everyone, even people in the same family. When Tracy was mis-diagnosed with a thyroid issue, she realized she needed to get better answers.

The aha moment. When reading Driven to Distraction made Tracy recognize herself, and she realized that her ADHD was related to, if not completely responsible for her successes.

That’s how ADHD for Smart Ass women began. First the Facebook group, then the Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing and now the podcast. Join us!

About Tracy

Host Tracy Otsuka is a lawyer, not a doctor, a life-long student, not a coach. She’s also the creator of Coretography a patent pending system that helps smart, driven women understand their own unique ADHD brain and use it to their advantage.

Tracy will be talking about ADHD. Your super powers, your symptoms, your solutions and work-arounds and how you proudly stand out. Tracy credits ADHD for some of her superpowers and much of her success in life.

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