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When my son Markus was diagnosed with ADHD at 12

his therapist told my husband and me that our job as his parents was to reduce his expectations so he wouldn’t be disappointed in life. Who in their right mind would tell their child that? Instead, I fired her. I didn’t know anything about ADHD but what I was intuitively certain of was that she was dead wrong!

Eight months later I was diagnosed with ADHD. No surprise there as ADHD is as heritable as height. Apple, meet tree. That’s when it dawned on me that had my mother taken this same psychologist’s advice when I was a child, I would have never made it through college, law school or graduate law school. Right then and there is when I made the commitment to learn everything I could about what ADHD actually looks like in the real world, because so many of the professionals I consulted with didn’t seem to have a clue.

Today, I produce the podcast, ADHD for Smart Ass Women

for brilliant, driven, high-ability ADHD women who see their symptoms as more positive than negative. As an attorney and an entrepreneur, I also mastermind Coretography, a patent-pending, brand spankin’ new breed of self-development that organizes your brain and helps you discover who you are and what you’re meant to do with your life because when you align who you are with what you do, life just automatically gets easier. 

I’m a creative thinker, simplifier, an avid boycotter of the status quo, and a classic over doer.

The fancy pants details? I graduated from Georgetown Law School, practiced law (obviously), and developed & built a high-end women’s wear company whose clients included Saks, Neiman’s, and Nordstrom. I’ve also worked as a real estate broker selling countless foreclosed properties for banks and handled homes occupied by the likes of Norteños gang members and Kujo. See also: Citizen’s arrests made in cocktail dresses & pearls while knowing EXACTLY what it feels like to be spit on by a vicious and unneutered camel. (Yes, you read that right. A camel.)

Personally, I’m married to a fantastic guy and the mother of two wonderful teenagers. I believe in the beauty of the unique, the fundamental desire to be an individual in everything I do, the power of a young Pierce Brosnan… and a reeeeallly great cocktail.


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