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What do our Listeners Say?

  • Podcast Review

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finally validating who I am. I can’t believe it… now I know why I am impulsive. Now I know why no one can match my charisma, or why I am so unorganized! Your podcast pushed me to take the plunge and get an official diagnosis. I am not ashamed or afraid, and that is solely due to this podcast. Thank you so very much, Tracy. I am so very grateful, and in a weird way, you’re my best friend, even if you are not mine ❤️


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  • Podcast Review

    This podcast is such a gift to our community of ADHD women! Tracy does a fantastic job of explaining everything we struggle with daily and reframes the story, using your characteristics as strengths! Her personality and humor make the content that much more enjoyable. Who wants to fit in, when we were born to stand out?! I can’t recommend this enough! 💛 Thank you, Tracy, a million times over for all that you do!


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  • Podcast Review

    Your podcast has helped me through my discovery and diagnosis of ADHD. I have never felt more validated, supported and empowered by a podcast. Having a positive frame around this diagnosis made such a difference in my mindset.

    I felt so excited to learn about myself and other’s shared experience, and I have a much happier life thanks to your guidance. You truly are changing lives!!


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  • Life-changing!

    As a mental health therapist I started listening to this podcast with the intention of better understanding my clients with ADHD - little did I know it would become an integral piece of my own journey to self-understanding and self-acceptance. Since uncovering and acknowledging my own experience of this unique manifestation of neurodivergence, my life has improved significantly. Tracy's podcast strikes a beautiful balance of research-backed information, loads of validation for the lived experience of those with ADHD, practical life strategies, humor and humility.


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  • Best self help resource!

    Game changer for managing my ADHD.💕 More helpful than any other resource I've tried.


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  • I hadn't felt peace until this podcast

    Tracy, your show is stellar. I found it recently after being diagnosed with ADHD very new into physician assistant school. Truly, if I didn't have this podcast to understand myself and have everything that I'd always felt finally makes sense, I definitely wouldn't have had the strength to continue my program. I'm always checking for new episodes because they truly make me feel I have such unique things to contribute to this world. We all do!


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  • ADHD journey

    As I go through this journey of understanding what it's like to be an adult diagnosed with ADHD I am learning to love who I am and what I love most about this podcast is it lets me know there is happiness on the horizon and that I'm not alone. Thank you!


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Latest Episodes

Episode 148: ADHD and Sleep: Beyond the Boring Strategies

In this episode I cover not only the latest research behind why sleep is so important to our functioning and learning, but I also provide some concrete sleep strategies that are geared toward the ADHD brain, such as connecting positive emotion with getting into bed on time. Like all things ADHD, once we know why we’re struggling with these habits we can start to find workarounds and implement sustainable systems that allow us to be successful.

Episode 147: ADHD and Resilience with Juliana Hock

My guest this week, Juliana Hock, gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘resilient’. Seriously, this woman does not give up on herself; Juliana recently fulfilled her dream of becoming a realtor after 12 attempts at the Real Estate exam. Her difficulty with written tests is something I know many ADHDers can relate to, but where many people would have given up Juliana pushed through, knowing that once she overcame the hurdle of passing that exam she would thrive in the job itself.

Episode 146: Simple Strategies For Being on Time and Planning Better

In our last episode we discovered why our ADHD brains struggle with time so much. Understanding this ‘why’ provides us with a foundation for building long-lasting time management skills, so make sure to listen to Episode #145 first if you haven’t already! Now that we have our ‘why,’ the next step is to figure out how to develop a more effective and less stressful relationship with time. In this episode I’ll give you some concrete strategies to help you work with your brain’s natural flow rather than struggling against it. When we learn how to pause, check in with our bodies, stare down our discomfort, create a plan based on history, and celebrate our accomplishments, we can stop waiting for the perfect time to feel inspired and instead we can start creating it ourselves.

Episode 145: Why is Time So Difficult For Our ADHD Brains?

What is it about our ADHD brains that causes so much difficulty with time and what can we do about it? Executive function plays a role, but like most of our ADHD challenges there are also other factors that, when combined, can make time awareness feel downright impossible. In this episode I’ll take you through the contributors to time blindness, such as emotional regulation and working memory, because the more we understand why we do what we do the more successfully we can tackle the problem.

Episode 144: 7 New Ways to Biohack Your ADHD Brain and Stop Rumination Now

Why is it that a single negative comment can ruin my entire day, even amongst a sea of otherwise positive feedback? Our ability to hyperfocus is one of our greatest ADHD strengths, but if that hyperfocus gets ahold of a negative thought it can send us into a spiral of shame and self-doubt that feels impossible to break out of. In this episode, I’ll give you 7 unusual, research-based strategies to help you tune into your body, get out of your head, and calm your nervous system when you find yourself ruminating on thoughts that don’t serve you.

Episode 143: It’s Usually Not Just ADHD with Educational Diagnostician Laurie Peterson

Join me for another wonderful conversation with Laurie as she provides an overview of the different learning disabilities that can co-occur with ADHD, explains why whole-picture interventions are so important, and dispels some common myths surrounding learning disabilities. Hint: It has nothing to do with intelligence.🐿⭐️

Episode 142: ADHD, Nutrition and Intuitive Eating with Becca King

‘Intuitive eating’ is a term we hear more and more these days, but in a culture where restrictive diets are king, the concept of listening to your own body may seem foreign and even “woo woo.” My guest this week, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becca King, admits that she also thought intuitive eating was pretty “woo woo” when she first heard about it, but after closer examination, she discovered that intuitive eating wasn’t too out there at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite: intuitive eating helped Becca heal her relationship with food and her own body and started her on a path to help others, specifically those with ADHD, heal those relationships too.

Episode 141: Laundry, House Cleaning, and an ADHD-Friendly Refrigerator with Struggle Care’s KC Davis

When licensed professional therapist, author, and speaker KC Davis first began a self and home-care TikTok account, she didn’t intend to make ADHD content. In fact, she didn’t even know she had ADHD at the time, she just knew her unique brain required equally unique systems in order for her to stay on top of home care tasks. When KC’s content inevitably ended up on the ADHD side of TikTok, her number of followers exploded. So many people with ADHD related to her content and found success with her systems that KC decided to get an evaluation and confirmed that she does indeed have ADHD

Episode 140: ADHD and Relationships with Melissa Orlov

This week I break my cardinal rule of only interviewing women with ADHD on the podcast, which should tell you just how strongly I believe in author and marriage consultant Melissa Orlov’s work. Melissa may not have ADHD herself, but her daughter does, which is exactly what prompts Melissa to learn as much about ADHD as she possibly can. She dove deep into the research, even working alongside renowned ADHD expert, Dr. Edward Hallowell, one of my only other guest to break the podcast rule (go back to Episode 106 to listen to his insightful interview).

Episode 139: ADHD, Authenticity and Not Fitting In with Trendsetting Hairstylist and Educator Jayne Matthews

Join me this week as educator and trendsetting hairstylist Jayne Matthews and I discuss the importance of blazing new paths rather than trying to fit in, how to be okay with not being great at everything, and some favorite ADHD workarounds.
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