“Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: How Women with ADHD Can Break the Cycle of Delayed Sleep and Stress”

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Revenge bedtime procrastination blossoms from exhaustion. You are so overwhelmed during the day — with work, parenting, and adulting — that there is no time for the activities that bring you fulfillment and pleasure. So you turn bedtime into “me time,” and pursue leisure and entertainment at the expense of sleep.

Revenge bedtime procrastination entered the popular lexicon during the pandemic, when daily stress and pressures skyrocketed for many adults — especially women with ADHD who began using the “revenge” method to reclaim their freedom. The problem is that the resulting sleep deprivation often worsens ADHD symptoms and undercuts executive functions.

In this webinar, Christine Li, Ph.D., and Tracy Otsuka, JD, LLM, AACC, will address the self-regulation and sleep challenges tangled up in revenge bedtime procrastination, and how you can develop productive, healthy habits and make them stick.

You will learn:

  • The connection between ADHD and sleep
  • Why women with ADHD are especially prone to revenge bedtime procrastination
  • Why addressing sleep dysregulation is so important
  • The multiple benefits of creating healthy sleep habits and routines
  • The fundamentals of successful habit change
  • Strategies for staying positive and proactive in the behavior change process

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