Entrepreneurship and ADHD: Fast Brain, Fast Company?

Entrepreneurship and ADHD are connected in research — and the anecdotal success of businesses ranging from JetBlue to Kinko’s and beyond. Here, entrepreneurs with ADHD reflect on the ways tenacity, ingenuity, hyperfocus, and other ADD traits offer a strategic advantage.

Risk-taking. Impulsivity. Sensation seeking. Hyperfocus. Curiosity. We associate these traits and qualities with some of the most successful, trailblazing entrepreneurs of our time.

But is it coincidence that these same traits and qualities, anecdotally and empirically, are largely associated with attention deficit disorder? Is there a link between entrepreneurship and ADHD?

Several studies have connected ADHD and “entrepreneurial intention,” and some have found significant associations between ADHD and self-employment. Hyperactivity, according to some research, may be the ADHD symptom most closely tied to entrepreneurship. 

In some ways, the ADHD traits most commonly associated with challenges are the same ones lauded by successful entrepreneurs. Still, not all entrepreneurs with ADHD build strong, healthy businesses, suggesting that ADHD traits related to entrepreneurship are complex and may lead to positive and negative outcomes.

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