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Tracy's List of Strength-Focused ADHD Resoures


If you listen to my first podcast you can see that my views around ADHD really changed the more I dove into the research. I'm a make lemonade out of lemons person so I always gravitated towards a more strength-focused bias but the guidance that was out there in the form of books and studies definitely followed the more pathologized model of ADHD; ADHD is a disorder, not a difference.

Anyway, this is the list I wish I had when I started on my own personal ADHD journey, not just for myself but also my son, and it’s all strength-focused. If you want to flip your own conversation on ADHD, If you currently see it as a disorder and want to view it as a strength, this is the reading list or audiobook list for you.

I wouldn’t give up my ADHD for anything. It’s responsible for every success I’ve ever had. All I needed was to learn how to manage it by taking advantage of my strengths and developing some workarounds for my weaknesses!

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