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My Favorite Tech Tool: How The Apple Watch Saved My ADHD Brain

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This blog is all about the Apple Watch and how I use it to manage my ADHD brain. I didn’t want an Apple watch, I don’t want to wear anything that everyone else is wearing. 🙊 That said, once I did, I realized just how valuable it could be to manage my ADHD brain. I feel more in control, less worried about things falling through the cracks, and more organized than I’ve ever felt.

My whole goal has been to build structures around myself to shore up my weaknesses so I can focus on my strengths. I have basically uploaded my working memory to the apple watch. 

When I first got the watch, I was totally overwhelmed. I looked everywhere for videos and blog posts, about how to use the Apple watch to shore up the ADHD brain. I couldn’t find anything so I’ve wanted to do this podcast for awhile. That said, this is not an in-depth instruction manual on what the apple watch can do. This is really just me talking to you about the best, simplest ways I have found to set up and use my Apple watch to build that structure around me that best supports my ADHD brain.

And this is the structure that has worked best for me. 


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