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A-OK! EVERY DAY printable planner

I'm on a mission to get you organized, reduced your overwhelm, calm your brain, and increase your productivity.

A-OK! Everyday Intro

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Planning for the ADHD brain must:

1. Be simple

2. Include a system/structure

3. Generate positive emotion

What generates positive emotion?

Fun (humor/creativity)

Things that we’re interested in


Things that challenge us/Competition


We don’t have Nike (“Just Do It!”) kind of brains but if we weave fun, interest, novelty and challenge (stay away from deadlines as they're an unhealthy way to be productive over the long term) into what we’re trying to get done, we can spike our own dopamine which is a very effective way to achieving our goals.

When you're feeling anxious and depressed and find yourself procrastinating, the fastest way to feel better is to:


Step 1: Brain Download

If you have too many ideas, to-dos and deadlines cluttering up your brain, start with the Brain Download. All of these thoughts increase your stress and anxiety and contribute to your feelings of overwhelm.

Get them all out of your head by writing every last one of them (both personal and professional) down. If you run out of space use an additional Brain Download card or a blank piece of paper.

Use the Key Code to determine how to categorize each of these items. 

Choose ONE medium to large goal from your A-OK Brain Download per week.


Step 2: Goal Decode

Part of the reason that we struggle with planners is that we tend to see a goal as one big task. This ensures that we underestimate how much time it takes to complete said task.

After all, we’re not only time optimists but we struggle to break tasks down. Instead, we move "build website" from one task list to another for months on end.

That huge task is so overwhelming that we don't know where to start so we don’t. This hardly makes us feel successful and is what leads us to believe that we're incapable of planning.

Follow the prompts on the Goal Decode


For years, Christie O. wanted to create a YouTube channel for her business but she couldn't start. Here is how she finally succeeded using our Goal Decode cards.

Christie O. Goal Decode

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Step 3: A-OK! Weekly Task List Cards

When we struggle with ordinary planners but find success with a different kind of planner, we feel accomplished and this motivates us to stick with it.

We are Gold Star People.

Every time you successfully check a task off your WEEKLY TASK LIST, you get a jolt of positive emotion (a.k.a. dopamine.) That further motivates you to continue. This is why it's important that you make a point of celebrating your success because this too motivates us to stick with it. Take the time to pause, feel the positive emotion that's generated by completing each task and give yourself a gold star.

Follow the prompts on the Weekly Task List:


STEP 4: AOK! Monthly Calendar

Add your appointments to your monthly calendar.

Celebrate your progress by writing down what you're most proud of every day.


Planning tips for your ADHD Brain...


Spend 30 minutes every Saturday morning planning your upcoming week so you can hit the ground running on Monday morning.


What time of day are you most productive? Tackle your MEDIUM TASKS then.


If you're procrastinating, you're likely overwhelmed. Consider breaking down your to-dos into even smaller tasks.


You may want to start your day by completing a SMALLER TASK. If you're struggling to start, completing a SMALLER TASK may serve to generate enough dopamine and positive emotion to motivate you to follow that smaller task with a larger task.


We are more productive when we are having fun and feeling challenged. This increases our chance of completing our tasks and to-dos. Ask yourself, are some tasks easier to complete when you can:

Printing Instruction

Please watch this video on the instruction on printing the A-OK! Every Day Planner.

A-OK Every Day: How to Print Downloads

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Brain Download


Goal Decode


Weekly Task List


Monthly Calendar