Episode 16: Intuition and ADHD

EP. 16: Intuition and ADHD

Listen to this episode from ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka on Spotify. Tracy talks about ADHD and intuition in this podcast. She starts by sharing an experience that happened to her in college that made her start to really trust her intuition.

Tracy talks about ADHD and intuition in this podcast. She starts by sharing an experience that happened to her in college that made her start to really trust her intuition.

She shares how and why her intuition has gotten her into trouble and what she does differently today.

Learn what Dr. Lara Honos Webb said that convinced Tracy that her symptoms were the result of ADHD.

Discover what intuition looks and feels like and why we often don’t pay attention to what people are saying because our brains focus on the connections and relationships between things more than on specific bits of information.

Have you ever felt like you know people better than they know themself?


  • what therapists and women with ADHD have in common.
  • the definition of intuition
  • and that intuition may come from subconscious experiences that you may not be holding consciously
  • that there’s nothing psychic or woo woo about intuition
  • what it means to be a scanner

Tracy talks about intuition as a non-conscious level of thinking that is related to attention. It is always also based on knowledge or expertise that you have.

Learn about the danger of not listening to our intuition and how important it is that we pay attention to that little voice inside of ourselves.

Tracy mentions an ADHD women who shared her story and said that her anxiety gets worse when she doesn’t trust her intuition. Not trusting her intuition may be responsible for her anxiety. She also shared that she sometimes confuses anxiety with her intuition and how she’s learned to distinguish the two.

Learn the definition of interpersonal intuition. Do you have high emotional intelligence? If so, you won’t want to miss this.

Blocking extraneous stimuli is great if you’re sitting in a classroom trying to memorize facts but if you’re trying to figure out what makes someone tick and/or who they are, it may be better to take in extraneous stimuli.

Discover how interpersonal intuition and connection are interrelated despite the fact that interpersonal intuition can wreak havoc with connection and why Tracy loves being around other ADHD women especially if they’re also entrepreneurs.

Tracy shares what a non-fiction book group she started years ago with non-ADHD women taught her about social hierachies, connection and authenticity and what her rule for relationships is today.

You’ll be surprised to learn why you blurt out insights and how that can prevent you from connecting with others.

Tracy then talks about the Meyer-Briggs personality test and what she discovered about ADHD, intuition and a correlation between certain Meyer-Briggs types.

About Tracy

Host Tracy Otsuka is a lawyer, not a doctor, a life-long student, not a coach. She’s also the creator of Coretography a patent pending system that helps smart, driven women understand their own unique ADHD brain and use it to their advantage.

Tracy will be talking about ADHD. Your super powers, your symptoms, your solutions and work-arounds and how you proudly stand out. Tracy credits ADHD for some of her superpowers and much of her success in life.

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