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What do our Listeners Say?

  • Podcast Review

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finally validating who I am. I can’t believe it… now I know why I am impulsive. Now I know why no one can match my charisma, or why I am so unorganized! Your podcast pushed me to take the plunge and get an official diagnosis. I am not ashamed or afraid, and that is solely due to this podcast. Thank you so very much, Tracy. I am so very grateful, and in a weird way, you’re my best friend, even if you are not mine ❤️


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  • Podcast Review

    This podcast is such a gift to our community of ADHD women! Tracy does a fantastic job of explaining everything we struggle with daily and reframes the story, using your characteristics as strengths! Her personality and humor make the content that much more enjoyable. Who wants to fit in, when we were born to stand out?! I can’t recommend this enough! 💛 Thank you, Tracy, a million times over for all that you do!


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  • Podcast Review

    Your podcast has helped me through my discovery and diagnosis of ADHD. I have never felt more validated, supported and empowered by a podcast. Having a positive frame around this diagnosis made such a difference in my mindset.

    I felt so excited to learn about myself and other’s shared experience, and I have a much happier life thanks to your guidance. You truly are changing lives!!


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  • Life-changing!

    As a mental health therapist I started listening to this podcast with the intention of better understanding my clients with ADHD - little did I know it would become an integral piece of my own journey to self-understanding and self-acceptance. Since uncovering and acknowledging my own experience of this unique manifestation of neurodivergence, my life has improved significantly. Tracy's podcast strikes a beautiful balance of research-backed information, loads of validation for the lived experience of those with ADHD, practical life strategies, humor and humility.


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  • Best self help resource!

    Game changer for managing my ADHD.💕 More helpful than any other resource I've tried.


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  • I hadn't felt peace until this podcast

    Tracy, your show is stellar. I found it recently after being diagnosed with ADHD very new into physician assistant school. Truly, if I didn't have this podcast to understand myself and have everything that I'd always felt finally makes sense, I definitely wouldn't have had the strength to continue my program. I'm always checking for new episodes because they truly make me feel I have such unique things to contribute to this world. We all do!


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  • ADHD journey

    As I go through this journey of understanding what it's like to be an adult diagnosed with ADHD I am learning to love who I am and what I love most about this podcast is it lets me know there is happiness on the horizon and that I'm not alone. Thank you!


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Podcast Category: Productivity & Workarounds

Latest Episodes

Episode 169: ADHD, Higher Education and Completing That Damn Dissertation with Dr. Abbey Weinstein

I always say our best purposes give meaning to our past, and my guest this episode, Dr. Abbey Weinstein, proves just how true this is. Abbey struggled with school for most of her life, so she surprised even herself when she not only turned it around and started getting straight A’s in college, but went on to get her Master’s degree and P.h.D. in Special Education. Now an Educational Diagnostician, Abbey has found her purpose in making learning more accessible for others and getting students the supports they need to be successful in school.

Episode 167: From Theoretical Physicist to Atmospheric Scientist with Natalia Bliankinshtein 

ADHD women constantly amaze me with their brilliance and fearlessness, and my guest this episode, atmospheric scientist Natalia Bliankinshtein, is no different. Natalia works in a flight research laboratory in Canada, where she collects data for climate research by flying a ‘flying laboratory’ aircraft directly into storms and treacherous weather–talk about fearless! 

Episode 166: Skin Picking, Hair Pulling, Nail Biting and ADHD

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) such as skin picking and nail biting can feel like a bad habit we need to break, but these behaviors go beyond just a habit; it’s actually a complex condition that causes people to repeatedly touch their body in a way that results in physical damage. For years, BFRBs were thought to be part of the OCD family, but new research shows they’re commonly co-morbid with ADHD as well, which shouldn’t surprise too many ADHDers including myself.

Episode 165:  This Might Be One of My Top 3 ADHD Life Hacks Ever!

I’ve always considered myself an avid reader. I read all the time, but up until recently I rarely finished any of them and had convinced myself that I needed a physical book, which led to an overwhelming amount of half-finished books scattered throughout my house. The clutter was a constant reminder that I wasn’t reading as much as I wanted to, and as that negative emotion built, so did my resistance–I felt like a reading fraud.

Episode 164: The Best Tool for Managing Anxiety with Kate Moryoussef

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for any length of time, you know that I’m a huge proponent of using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping, to manage and alleviate ADHD symptoms. Kate Moryoussef, a wellbeing/lifestyle coach and EFT practitioner, shares my passion for tapping and helping ADHD women, so I knew I had to invite her onto the podcast to tell us more.

Episode 163: Entrepreneurialism, ADHD and Irlen Syndrome with Business Coach, Jessi Romero

Many of our ADHD traits like curiousity, fearlessness and creativity mesh well with entrepreneurialism. Other aspects of ADHD, however, like perfectionism and something I call “procrasti-learning”, combined with outside influences telling us what we “should” be doing, can cause us to get in our own way. Entrepreneur and business coach, Jessi Romero, is here to remind us that ADHD women have all the skills necessary for starting and growing successful businesses, we just need to approach it in a way that works for our brains and aligns with our values, nervous systems, and even our circadian rhythms.

Episode 160: ADHD, Dyslexia, and Nursing with Entrepreneur and Founder of RekMed, Jennifer Zahourek

ADHDers are often drawn to entrepreneurship, and not only because we have difficulty working for someone else! When we have room to follow our creativity and work within our flow, that’s when our superpowers shine through. 

Episode 157: The Best ADHD Treatment With or Without Medication

Well before I was diagnosed with ADHD I was using exercise as a form of self-medication; it’s a way to start the day out right and it helps me to think more clearly and work off my excess energy. All my life I’ve known that exercise helps with focus and self-regulation, but I was curious to find out why that is. After all, if we know the ‘why’ behind something, we’re much more likely to do it.

Episode 156: How to Choose Your Word for the Year

Like many ADHDers, I hate doing the same things everyone else is doing, and New Year’s resolutions are at the top of that list. A few years ago, instead of writing out a long list of unrealistic goals (and then losing that list a couple of days later), I started choosing one word and one word only to set the direction for my new year. Each year my word sums up who I want to be, it’s my compass when making decisions, and it shapes not only my year, but it shapes me as a person. 

Episode 149: Simple Steps to Organize Your ADHD Life With Lisa Woodruff

In this episode Lisa takes us through her systems and why they work so well for ADHDers, shares the script she taught her own children to use when they’re feeling overwhelmed by where to start, and explains why we need to stop using our incredible computer brains as to-do lists. Lisa believes we should all be spending as little time as possible doing household work so we can live our unique callings in life and I couldn’t agree more.

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