What stands between the slump that you're in and a happier more confident life is nothing more than 60 minutes and our secret decision-making formula?

Introducing the 3 Step National Slump Assassinator (the “NSA”), the quickest way to make MAJOR LIFE DECISIONS without COUNSELING, COACHING or WOO.


Which career path should I pursue?


Which business should I start?


Should I take that new job?

Is he/she the right one for me?

What would really make me happy?

In 60 minutes or less,

The NSA's simple, proven, step by step system will completely change how you make decisions.

About your Career
About your Relationships
About your Life

✭  Video: Getting Started!

✭  Video: Why Are Some Decisions So Hard To Make?

✭  Video: How Do You Make A Hard, Big Life Decision Well?

✭  Worksheet: Energy Impact Tracker A

✭  Worksheet: Energy Impact Tracker A - Filled Out Example

✭ Video #1: Making Your Decisions Count

✭ Video #2: How To Use The Decision Decipherer Worksheet

✭  Worksheet: Decision Decipherer B

✭  Worksheet: Decision Decipherer B - Filled Out Example



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