Do You Ask Yourself These Tricky Questions?






What If...

what stood between the slump you're in and a happier more confident career and life was nothing more than knowing exactly who you are?




You Just Need the Formula

Instead, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars (and even more hours) on self-help books. You’ve taken online personality tests (you always seem to select option B), and you’ve hired life coaches, career coaches, football coaches and wardrobe coaches.

And even after that—AFTER ALL THAT—you still have no idea what to do, where you’re headed, and ZERO CONFIDENCE about MAKING DECISIONS when life hurls huge, hulking ones your way. (See also: conundrums, messy relationships, and career moves.)

The problem is you're focusing on everything that's outside of you, instead of looking within yourself.


You already have all the answers. 

You're just missing the formula.


Coretography Online

The quickest, simplest, most logical way to discover your life's purpose without counseling, coaching, or WOO.

Coretography's systematic, disciplined, step-by-step system will completely change the way you feel.

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Learn the 6-Step Coretography System

that will take you from a personal development junkie who can't connect the dots to a decision-making expert who knows exactly who they are and what they want, and has a road map to get them there!

It’s about cutting through what you think you should be doing, what your mother-in-law tells you that you should be doing, and providing a foundation that will help you quickly identify your key to a fulfilling career & life.


    Your mom, best friend, and bossy Aunt Martha may love you but they don't know what's best for you.
    We often think we know what we value but you'll be surprised to discover that you probably don't.

    If you don't know what you really value there's a good chance that you're living values that aren't your own.
    It's all so overwhelming that it's easier to just ignore the whole thing... or so we think.
    You don't get into the car without a DESTINATION. Life is no different. You need to know what you want and where you're going if you actually want to get there!
    Letting others make decisions for you is making a decision, a bad decision.

Hi, I'm Tracy!

My first year after practicing law, I knew that I was made to do something… more. About then is when I hired a career counselor, and took veritable boatloads of personality tests: Myers-Briggs, the Strong Interest Inventory, the Livermore Achievement Motivation Process; and some test that told me I should be a shepherd. A shepherd, people!?!

With hindsight today, I realize that the results of all these tests was no surprise. I already knew it all, just as I knew my purpose: I’ve always felt most alive, most connected and most like myself when talking about, encouraging, or studying human potential.

The problem was I couldn't connect the dots…

and didn't know how to make this information relevant to my life so instead it sat on a shelf gathering dust for close to two decades, until I began asking the same questions, again. Through trial and error, and immersive research and planning, I developed the surefire Coretography PROCESS to understand yourself and what you're meant to do with your life, the first time.

My goal with Coretography has always been simple: to make a systematic, disciplined, step-by-step tool for doers, so you can discover exactly who you are and what you're meant to do with your life. And make damn sure you don't forget it. (wink.)

Can you imagine cracking your own code, getting unstuck, and making hard decisions with the confidence of a World Cup referee?


Alicia Butler

"I signed up for Coretography on a wing and a prayer. I’d been in therapy, taken personality tests, and read every self-help book out there in order to learn who I was “supposed” to be, but it didn’t quite tell me how I was supposed to get there.

The Coretography branding drew me in from the very first video. I was blown away by the energy, and passion that Tracy has for this subject. My biggest takeaway was learning without question what my values are. That was the link I’d been missing for so long.

Anyone can benefit from this course. Whether you’re a work from home mother and author like me, or a six-figure corporate head, if you’ve been looking for “ it” , but you just can’t seem to find "it," I highly recommend Coretography.

Tracy, thank you for creating this life-changing program. I’ll take this experience with me forever."


Results oriented, problem-solving, logical and bottom line-driven, it's the method that slices through all of that B.S. noise, confusion and overwhelm so you can finally move forward. 

Actions, Answers and a Better, Happier Life.

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Want more Support? The 1:1 Implementation Package may be for you! See below.



Rachael Smith

"Some of Coretography is deceptively simple, but it all comes together and it really helped me identify not only sources of happiness, but clarity and motivation to build my dream life.

I honestly think this is the best decision I've made this year, and going through the course with Tracy gave me the courage to make some really hard and necessary changes in my life. I am building something great, thanks to everything I learned about myself through Coretography.

I knew nothing about Tracy or her work, and at the back of my mind I was actually a bit skeptical. I feared fluff. I found a whole lot of substance, and a woman who's been there and knows her SH*T!"

What do you get from Coretography?

Clarity and Confidence

Once and for all, crack your personal code so you can apply it to any important life decision.

A Working Values Model

Equipped with a working visual that you can refer to again and again, life's lemons will be perfectly transformed into a lemon drop.

An Easy-to-Follow Road Map

The tools you need to pry yourself free, eliminating the need for waffling and making second guessing yourself something that's so 2017.

A Happier, Simpler, Life

Constant indecision is a ripe recipe for inner conflict and turmoil. By diving into exactly what's important to you, you'll start trusting yourself, ending the cycle of making choices that compromise what you value and who you are.

Actual Results

Starts all the wheels in motion. (And that's a pinky promise.)


Brandy Barris

"Discovering my Top 16 Values instantly changed me. It was unbelievably liberating! I began making decisions based on my values consistently. I learned that I have very different values than my parents do.

Coretography gives you a North Star and a path. It gives you the tools to discard what doesn't serve you, cling tightly to what does and understand why you struggle with some people in your life. Take this course, you will never look at yourself in the same way again!"

Samantha Salmon

"Thank you Tracy Otsuka! I was unsure of my purpose when I signed up for your program. I actually finished your program and I think it is brilliant!!

I got really clear on my values and my purpose so I went from uncertain to not only certain but extremely motivated and optimistic about my future. Thank you so much for creating this program."

Chelsea Totah

"After taking Coretography I now know what my values are, I know who I am, I know my purpose and I know what it’s going to take for me to live the happy life I’d always imagined.

I have done a lot of self-exploration since college but not once have I ever been asked to really think about and identify what I actually value. Once I did this and asked the “why” behind each of my values, I felt closer to my inner self – like I was right where I needed to be."


Coretography Is A Perfect (Glass Slipper) Fit If You're:

  •  17 and trying to nail down some great college options

  • 23 with an "impressive" new job... but zero joy

  • 30, sinking into another dead-end relationship with a crappy kisser

  • 40 with great kids, but needing something more

  • 50+ empty nester needing a reboot



Coretography Is Not A Good Fit If:

  • You're into whine instead of wine

  • The only thing you've ever been capable of changing are your shoes

  • You identify with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because you're always the victim in your life

  • You're someone who's completely content with mediocrity

By dishing up (in heaping handfuls) easy, inspired clarity, the CORETOGRAPHY ONLINE COURSE moves you through a logical, structured process to pinpoint your Core Values, Super Skills, Passions, Talents, and -ultimately- your PURPOSE.

It’s all about cutting through what you think you should be doing, what your mother-in-law tells you that you should be doing, and providing a foundation that’ll help you quickly identify your key to a fulfilling career & life.

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Want more Support? The 1:1 Implementation Package may be for you! See below.


The Coretography 6-Step System

Friends and family, as well-intentioned as they are, often lead us astray. You are the best expert on you. Our systematic, disciplined, patent-pending approach will teach you how to coach yourself and discover once-and-for-all who you are, why you're here and what you're meant to do with your life.


Get The Relationship Evaluator for FREE!

Learn how Values and Purpose apply to relationships and what the two leading indicators of whether or not a couple is compatible are.

Discover what it takes for you to have easy relationships in your personal and professional life.

Evaluate your own relationships and learn who you're most compatible with.


"After 20+/years in the same career, I took a leap of faith, got totally out of my comfort zone and quit my job with not a clue as to what I’d do next. That’s when I stumbled upon Coretography hoping that it would help provide me insight into myself and guide me in the direction of my happy. It absolutely did. What I discovered about myself was that I didn’t need to throw everything out, as I rather liked what I had been doing, I just needed a different kind of client focus and a lot more variety so I’d never be bored. With that insight in hand, I’m focusing more on helping small businesses and building my own entrepreneurial venture. Coretography brilliantly provided the framework to discover what was really important to me and then helped me create a road map to guide me in making great decisions around my career and life."

Laura Thomas

"I was worried that my depression would prevent me from being able to complete the course. What I actually realized by going through Coretography, is that my depression is a condition of not being around people that accept my values and who I am and lead me to question everything. This is the clearest and most comprehensive course I’ve ever taken to get me to my purpose. It brings knowing yourself and your purpose, down to earth."

Denise MaGee

"In all of the courses and coaching I have done, Tracy Otsuka you have by far helped me the most. I'm so not making a poor decision regarding my career again... and am fulfilling a literally life long dream by taking drum lessons! First session is tonight.There's still a long road but there's so much more clarity now. Thank you!"

Marissa Joy

And Just Like This... Bang! Your Life Can Be Completely Different!

After all, you already know who you are. When you were a kid, you knew exactly what made you happy. And you haven't lost that ability. You just need to remove the rust and put it back into practice. By evaluating your choice using the Coretography model, you build a life that's no longer about compromise, but about complete bliss.


Karen Shue, Ph.D.

"You’ve got to do Coretography if you’re trying to get a handle on what you really want to do with your life.

Coretography is a methodical system for working your way through what really matters to you. It’s fun, you’ll likely learn new things about yourself, everything does magically come together at the end and if you’re like me don’t be surprised if it turns out different than you assumed it would.

Tracy is fabulous. If it's available, go for the one-to-one coaching to get her special stamp on the process."

Just Imagine...


  • No longer second-guessing yourself by asking career advice of your parents, friends, mother-in-law or the neighbor’s dog
  • Eagerly rising at the crack of dawn to work on the right start-up. No longer dreading that question, “So, what do you do?”
  • Walking into the first day of your new job energized and excited
  • Having the confidence to achieve to your wildest dreams

Coretography Options



Entire Coretography System




Training Videos

Fillable PDF Worksheets

Transcripts Of All Lessons

Values Checklist

Personal Blueprint




Entire Coretography System

3 - 45 minute 1:1 Implementation Sessions with Tracy

Unlimited Video/Email Support for 45 days

Training Videos

Fillable PDF Worksheets

Transcripts Of All Lessons

Values Checklist

Personal Blueprint


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the course for me?

Well, let’s see, are you sick and tired of making crappy career decisions, or paralyzed by fear and not making a decision because inertia seems somehow easier? (Just for the record, you do realize that not making a decision is ACTUALLY making a decision, right?) Do you listen to everyone else’s advice about what you should do with your life and then second-guess your decisions anyway? Have you taken every personality test, read all the self-help books, hired every coach known to man, but you’re still unable to connect the dots? Then Coretography, my dear, is definitely for you.

When does the course start and finish?

It starts now and never ends. It’s completely self-paced, so you decide when you start and when you finish. The Coretography formula is broken down into six steps so I'll be coaching you through the course over that six week period. For best results, I suggest that you commit to learning at least one step per week. Taking action is key!

How long will I have access to Coretography Online?

You will have lifetime access to the current course. Any added content, improvements, extra bonuses and future versions are also included. If the course is ever discontinued, I will make all videos, audios and pdf's downloadable.

I have been diagnosed with a behavioral/emotional disorder. Is this program for me?

This program is not designed for anyone with serious behavioral or emotional conditions that a medical doctor or licensed mental health practitioner would diagnose and/or treat.  I’m not a licensed therapist or medical practitioner so consult your mental health/medical professional. Bottom line, we’re doers over here. At Coretography, all we care about are the “facts, ma’am.” What happened yesterday and with whom is relevant only to get a snapshot of how we got to where we are. We also love to glean meaning from our past but we’re not about dwelling on it since we can’t do anything to change it. However, Coretography does provide tools to move forward from our past. Over here, we believe that there is no such thing as a mistake.

Will you offer a refund for the course if I change my mind?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase please contact me within the first 14 days and I will give you a full refund. Why 14? Because in 30 days you can very easily have done all the work and know exactly who you are, why you’re here and what you’re meant to do with your life. And that wouldn’t be fair. ;)




"This is BY FAR, the most valuable program I have seen for getting me closer to my purpose." You’ll get much closer to your purpose with Coretography than with other programs/assessments etc. out there - and I’ve tried ALL of them."

Ma Anso, Coach & Purpose Discovery Strategist says:

"Coretography is an inspiring and playful way to do some deep work. Even if you think you know what your values and purpose are, you may find yourself surprised when you discover that what you believe and who you are at your core come out differently."

Ketrena Schultz, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist says:

"Coretography is a self-help revelation. I don’t use the term self-help very often because it seems too convoluted and contrived. Not with Coretography! You’re actually helping the self, whoever you were before life told you otherwise... and that’s priceless."

Lisa Bronwyn says:

"Coretography helped me see for the first time a strong passion of mine—a real gift for designing my life to include that passion front and center. It's playfully fun to look at and then understand, in new ways, what is personally important. Coretography is a north star that has aligned me and confirmed for me how I want to contribute in the world. Thank you, Tracy! "

Tiffany Mitchell says:

You Already Know What Hasn't Worked:

  • books

  • career counselors

  • coaches

  • personality tests 

Now you need to know what does work. DOING allows you to make sense of your past, while stepping into your purpose. No more talking, no more over-thinking, no more excuses.

Just a simple, proven, patent-pending, step-by-step system.


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Want more Support? The 1:1 Implementation Package may be for you! See above.




Coretography Online has been designed for ambitious and intelligent people like you who have big life and business goals.

Overhauling your life can seem overwhelming,
but with the simple, fool-proof, patent-pending Coretography system you'll make big changes and take back control of your story, starting in one afternoon.

Out with the Woo-Woo and in with the self-work. A fulfilled and -gasp! - joyful life doesn't require hundreds of books, regular retreats, or months of quiet, isolated  introspection that involves entirely too much journaling. A fulfilled life just needs YOU.

(And maybe a young Pierce Brosnan) 


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