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The quickest, simplest, step-by-step way to discover what you're meant to do with your life and fall in love with your ADHD brain.








What If...

what stood between you and your dreams was nothing more than understanding your ADHD brain?




Our ADHD brains are not born to just pay bills and die!














You Need the A-OK! Formula

It’s about cutting through what you think you should be doing, what your mother-in-law tells you that you should be doing and building a foundation that helps you quickly identify your key to a fulfilling career & life.

This Simple 6-Step System

will take you from being a personal development junkie to the only expert you will ever need who sees your ADHD brain as a strength and not a weakness.

  • You'll discover exactly who you are

  • You'll learn exactly what you want

  • You'll find your strengths

  • And all for less than the cost of a few coaching sessions

Doesn't that sound kind of amazing?

Can you imagine cracking your own code, getting unstuck, and making hard decisions with the confidence of a World Cup referee?






Hi, I'm Tracy!

My first year after practicing law, I knew that I was made to do something… more. About then is when I hired a career counselor, and took veritable boatloads of personality tests: Myers-Briggs, the Strong Interest Inventory, the Livermore Achievement Motivation Process; and some test that told me I should be a shepherd. A shepherd, people!?!

People thought that I was successful but I felt "bored" "distracted" and "all over the place." I knew that I wasn't living to my potential. 

Then my son was diagnosed with ADHD. 

Soon after, I too was diagnosed with ADHD.

I started the podcast and Facebook Group, ADHD for Smart Ass Women. 

I became an ADDCA certified ADHD coach.

With hindsight today, I realize that the results of all this was no surprise. I already knew it all, just as I knew my purpose: I’ve always felt most alive, most connected and most like myself when talking about, encouraging, or studying human potential.

The problem was I couldn't connect the dots…

and didn't know how to make this information relevant to my life so instead it sat on a shelf gathering dust for close to two decades, until I began asking the same questions, again. 

Through trial and error, and immersive research and planning, I developed the patented Coretography PROCESS to understand yourself and what you're meant to do with your life, the first time.

Two years ago I started to rebuild Coretography but this time I developed it specifically for the ADHD brain. I knew that our creative, non-linear brains needed this systematic, structured, step-by-step tool even more than the average brain did. It's called Your ADHD Brain is A-OK! and it’s available now.






ADHD is Misnamed

We don't have a deficit of attention, our creative brains have a surplus of attention. We are interested in so much. We need help in determining which of our many interests we should actually pursue and that's exactly what the Your ADHD Brain is A-OK! system does.








Forget the Lemons, We're Making Lemonade!

There's a flip side to every single one of our supposed ADHD weaknesses and I for one am sick of the constant pathologizing. There are so many women who believe that they are successful because of their ADHD, not in spite of it. I want you to be one of them too.


Fall in love with your ADHD brain using our 6-Step system. It's called...

Your ADHD Brain is A-OK!


The quickest, simplest, most logical way to discover who you are and what you're meant to do with your life.

This focused, disciplined, step-by-step system will help you to understand yourself and build a life that's not about compromise, but about your values, strengths and purpose. I'll teach you how to trust yourself again and fall in love with your ADHD brain!

The A-OK! System

Using our simple structured 6-step system of lessons, short coaching videos, worksheets and a workbook you'll discover exactly who you are from the inside out.

Live Office Hours

Get your questions answered during office hours. If you can't make it, no worries. All office hours will be recorded. Submit your question and we'll time stamp it.

The A-OK! Community

The surefire way to fall in love with your ADHD brain is to join our community of ADHD women just like you who see your strengths before you do.


Get The Relationship Evaluator for FREE!

Learn how values and purpose apply to relationships and what the two leading indicators of whether or not a couple is compatible are.

Discover what it takes for you to have easy relationships in your personal and professional life. 


Evaluate your own relationships and learn who you're most compatible with.

The Relationship Evaluator is Invaluable!

I never want to be in a relationship that is so far from what I deserve ever again, and I don't intend to be. Thank you Tracy! ❤️ - Esther Nagle


Membership in The A-OK! Agency

Once you complete the A-OK! system, you'll be granted a FREE 3-month membership to The Agency IF YOU COMPLETE THE A-OK! program. Here you will  implement what you have learned and be part of a community of other strength-focused ADHD women who are also A-OK! graduates.


You'll get these additional bonuses when you pay in full.

Podcast Index

Teaching women to fall in love with their brilliant ADHD brain has been the goal of our #1 podcast, ADHD for Smart Ass Women. Our Podcast Index makes this even easier by organizing content into useful categories.

ADHD in Women

Tracy has prepared this simple, informative video training for you on the basics of What ADHD Looks Like in Women. She makes a point of including those symptoms that we rarely hear about.


Your Decision is A-OK!

Making decisions will be so much easier after A-OK! but they may still trip you up. Let me completely change how you think about making decisions, in your career, your relationships, your life.










18, and trying to nail down that college major


23, with an "impressive" new job... but zero joy


30, sinking into another dead-end relationship with a crappy kisser


40, with great kids, but needing something more


50+, empty nester (or never been nester) needing a reboot









into whine instead of wine


only capable of changing your shoes


you identify with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because you're always the victim in your life


you're someone who's completely content with mediocrity


"I'm so very thankful that you created this system!"

Last year I was diagnosed with ADHD. A-OK! was exactly what I needed and I can't thank you enough. I needed it to put me back on track! - Diana Rudakenga

"Worth every second of time and every cent that was spent"

My biggest concern before starting was that it would be a waste of time and money. It was incredible and I'm so grateful that it was built specifically for women with ADHD.        - Delia Perretta

"My life looks so different, it's extraordinary."

It feels like I've unknowingly been sitting in a small room my entire life, and suddenly all of its four walls have just fallen flat to reveal a vast, exciting terrain; and I can suddenly see that I am capable of standing up and walking anywhere I like.    - Natsuho Akai

"Possibly everything is different as a result of going through the A-OK! system. I feel validated enough to pursue life goals that suit who I am and not who I think people want me to be. It was utterly life changing. I felt hope for the first time in over a decade. I've met MYSELF for the first time ever."

Catherine Mennick

"I now know how to make decisions based on my values. If anyone with ADHD has felt lost in their life, this course definitely clears that up. After spending my life doing what I thought was expected of me, I am now clear on how I want to truly live my life. This program is pretty much the one of several I’ve purchased that I’ve actually completed."

Jessica Foster

"I'm 59. I had never thought of myself as anything other than a broken person, with some gifts or talents. I’ve always felt like I was watching life go by. Tracy, your hard work and dedication gave me hope I never thought was mine to have. And while nothing about me has changed; the way I SEE myself has. I’m excited and hopeful. I feel permission! This course lifted the veil of embarrassment and shame of having ADHD."

Isabelle Baker

"A-OK! is not just for ADHD. This is literally a blueprint on how to be a human being. It should be taught to every single child in the world so that they know how to be themselves and find themselves, neurodiverse or not. A-OK! will literally change your life. "

Lori Pranckevicus

"Tracy, you were my favorite part of the program. Your energy, your zest, your optimism even when struggling is so damn contagious. Other courses, other accountability groups really focus on how bad life sucks. I am half way to thinking that "MAYBE" ADHD is a gift, but I'm solid in my new belief that ADHD is a mere difference. That is huge!!! I am so much happier and confident even after the introduction lesson. "

Jenny Sobaski

"I have actually become more confident during this journey! I learned to trust myself, eliminate the self-doubts, I have so much more clarity about myself now! There is still lots to improve on, but seeing this change makes me so happy!! "

Hayley Lin

"Thanks to A-OK! I have started to look at myself in a different way, with renewed optimism and confidence. A-OK! forced me to take the time to re-evaluate what I have to offer the world and how to use it in a way that means something to me. Working out my values was an eye-opening process, which was both challenging and satisfying."

Jane Hullin

"What is different after going through A-OK!? 1) My sense of self 2) My self-confidence. I also had the realisation that I really am not the problem, that my brain is just wired differently and others need to be more tolerant. My ability to see my life path is so much more clear. A-OK! has been worth every cent. I see it as an investment into my life and my future self. It's tough because you have to look at yourself in the mirror and face up to some truths, but once you get through that and out the other side, it's amazing. "

Janine Ferris

"A-OK! helped me to understand my values and my strengths when I'm evaluating stuff I want to do in life. And I had so much fun doing it. Your examples of how to use the things going forward is a super useful thing that many classes don't provide. "Here's a book you figure it out" is way less fun/helpful than "when you have relationships, run them through this process" and "when you have an opportunity, use this to see if it's a fit for you." Examples of how to use tools is SO good for our brains."

Grace Parker

"A-OK! acknowledges the fact that I'm good at things, and the way my brain works is a benefit instead of a challenge. It’s a great system that helped me make connections to things within myself that I often forget. I loved it!!! "

Hannah Bentley

"It was difficult for me to justify paying for this course, I needed it to be valuable. It is. I love the videos. They're so much better than having to read a load of stuff. I like your humour, and lightness. It makes the course feel like I am working with a friend/mentor instead of a teacher. This is a great course and has really helped me, thank you so much. "

Maria McEwen

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